Monday, June 27, 2011

Dear girls camp.

You cease to sound appealing..... Yet again. I have always had this trouble with girls camp. The longing to go just doesn't run in my blood like it does the other girls, but still, I'll Put a smile on my face, and hope for the best. Wish me luck.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


i don't care who you are,
you have talents.

i used to doubt this statement myself because i found that i wouldnt be good and one thing or another, but in the end i realized that you dont have to be amazing at something to be talented, you just have to find something that you love and find joy in.

tonight was the Jonathan Jones concert, boy o' boy. Does that man have a lot of talent.
It's a little hard to believe sometimes.
His music fills my soul and makes all my worries go away.
I am the utmost devoted fan, and sing along to every word he says.

He works wonders.
Thats all.
No big deal right?

(it was a great struggle to get a mediocre picture.)
i have been quite busy this past week so sorry for the sparse amount of blog posts.
hope you had a lovely thursday!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


my little life has suddenly become the most hecktic thing ever experience.
would you like to hear about it?

I went on my fun little adventure to St. George and had a grand time, and now finally, and 11:00 at night I have arrived back.

This is my weeks schedule.

Monday: Go to the salon with mam, get mah hur did. (p.s. i am incredibly excited for this one)
Then, do various summer activities with MLA.

Tuesday: Watch G-ma, for who knows how many hours, but she is quite hilarious, so I'm pretty alright with it.

Wednsday: Do approx. 47 loads of laundry, fold & put away. oh heck.
At 1:00 I get to watch the most adorable of babies. I love Lainy, she is a doll.

Thursday: Watch G-ma, again. Listen to her say little comments about Glenn Beck that make absolutley no sense to me but Gramps knows exactly what she is talking about.

Then that night I am going to the long awaited Jonathan Jones concert with one of my sisters friends.
Kick back and listen to great music.

Friday: Mentally prepare myself for the 6 hour drive to Vegas the next day.
Did I mention that I really hate road trips?

Saturday: Drive to Vegas, get ready, look smokin' hot, go to the Britney Spears concert with my sister in-law and all of her sisters, have a grand ol' time.

Sunday: Drive home from Vegas.
Come home.
Pack my little cardboard box for GIRLS CAMP.
Oh heck. I am already dreading it.( Its always one of those things that I dont happen to appreciate until after I get home)

Monday: Get up at the crack of dawn and go to girls camp.
Will my bed be missing me?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

East Coast Feelings.

For as long as I've lived I have loved the music of a certain man name Jonathan Jones.
His music is Genius,
Pure, and Simple.

His latest band, Community Group, just released their first album 2 days ago, and oh i'm in love.

Listen while you Read.

This last week has been a ball
Laser tagging at 11:00 at night is all the better, let me tell ya.

just kickin it.

 elle's rull cute.
 our favorite ride, closed every time.
 love her.
 typical picture.

its the good life.

I am leaving for St. George today to have a ball and show off my vintage swimwear.
I will be seeing my most favorite cousin Liz Yeager in the Tuacahn shows.
She's a babe, and we are practically twins.

She's so adorable, and i miss her guts.
Also, we are going on a date, (my first, haha) and I cannot wait.

Love you all, Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


my husban.
Cameron Mitchell: The Glee Project.

Cutest man of my life.

We even have the same pair of shoes.

Its fate.

top-knots and summertime.

 top-knots. they seem to be my hairstyle of choice lately, so laid back but so fashion forward.
I went to a nice little family shindig today, and it never felt more like summer to me.

 just some kids kickin' it.

and some reallll purdy flowers.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Lexi Wulfenstein.
Love this girl to the death.
 I just so happen to be her "Hero of the Moment" and it might have made my day a whole lot better.
She is lovely,

and so is her blog. Check it out :

lovely days like this.

days like today are what make my life better.

the best feeling in the world? feeling beautiful & confident without a stitch of makeup on.

that was today.

 dont worry, max just picked up this shirt yesterday and whadaya know? i likkkeeed it.

just a collection of pictures from my lovely day.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

16 never felt so sweet.

today i turned 16, and how it has been glorious.

i shopped. Ya know, that all i ever really want to do. Something about it just makes me feel happy.
Where'd I go?
There is no place i would rather spend my birthday, really though.

I most definatly found my wanted items.
 silky floral.

 leatherette cross body bag.
 striped chiffon

 chrocheted vest
 more lovely stripes
 gray dolman: this item is essential to every womans wardrobe
cheetah print oxfords, im in love.
gold chains necklace
 Texas Roadhouse for Birthday dinner.
My license.. its whatever. its great.

Dont worry, I did go on a small little adventure to Wal-Mart with my dear friend Shynia, we bought nail polish. Coral, just incase you were wondering.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

summer is bliss.

                                                                     I love these days.
                                                  They go by slow but the summer runs by,
                                                and I try my best to hold on to every minute.
                             Part of the reason I love summer so much is because of my birthday.

                                         My birthday is tomorrow. Oh 16, how I have waited.
                                                 I decided that all I want is a new outfit.
                                                      Something along the lines of this:
                                                     Cut out oxfords, or, oxford sandles.

   and, just some cute shorties:

And last but not least, a lovely shirt with lace insets:

                                            Summer, where my skin lives in coconut lotion,
and you can do whatever the heck you want.    
The livin is easssay.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

the moment when,

The Moment When,
I have no idea what to do with myself,
my best friend no longer lives within 3 feet away from my room,
I feel like my friends have forgotten,
I get my license in 6 days,
I cry in my closet (and believe me, its not very big)
I want to work at Forever 21, Sooo bad.
I feel just a tad empty inside.
I miss my sister more then anything you could ever think of.
Summer is never what its chalked up to be.
I have no money, but want to buy clothes.
I purchase vintage swimwear.
My BFF cousin lives in St George and i dont even get to see her until the 16th.
I have the dentist on Monday.
Summer playlists are a neccesity.
I listen to Mumford and Sons a repeat.
 7 Peaks is calling my name.
I clean my (well sort of my) car, Lenard, He smells so nice now.
I have good chats with my friends lovely mom's.
Hugs from mom are all that will do.