Tuesday, January 29, 2013


i decided that this year i didn't want to make resolutions.
things that are always said, but not very often actually done.
instead i decided that i would just think of things that would make my life better, add a little bit of whimsy and spontaneity, have a positive influence on it.

here are a few

+taking time to sketch anything and everything again

+bike that extra mile because you'll feel that much better when you do

+spend a friday night at home, or out to dinner by yourself, or curled up reading a good book, because having a good time doesn't require an agenda.

+take more bubble baths (really though, who doesn't love bubble baths?)

+listen to Brandon Flowers more because his music is good for your soul

+dye your hair blue because life is too short to be conservative. your only 17 once. take advantage.

+tell that kid that you like him, if not now, when?

+create. create. create.

+study the scriptures. actually study.

+leave your number and a cheesy note for the waiter. make his night.

+write missionaries. write lots of them.

+go to concerts. have a freaking blast.

+have more sleepovers with your best friend than the average 12 year old.

+figure out ways to start making your dreams come true.

+wear lipstick. everyday of the week if you'd like.

+be accepting. god made all of us. god. 

+know that you are loved.

+be courageous. courage in underrated. a courageous heart is irreplaceable

+be yourself. nothing else will make you happier.


my roller coaster life. 
care to hear?
I started cosmetology school this month. it has seriously been so great so far! i've quite honestly become pretty close with the girls in my class and i don't dread getting up every morning to get to school, because school doesn't really feel like school anymore. I only have 2 classes as the high school now, which actually makes that place semi bearable.. This was a huge change in my life, and i love this decision i've made for the most part. I do wish that i could spend more time with my friends, but i realize that this sacrifice will pay off big time by the time i graduate next year. 
Since i started school, i also feel like other decisions in my life have started to fall into place. I feel like i can breath for a bit and relax because i'm headed in a good direction.