Tuesday, August 14, 2012



1. Chambray shirts. 
What more can I? You can wear these soo many ways.

Mmmmmhmm. I love bows. They add the perfect touch of girliness.

3.Geometric Jewelry
Triangles, squares,  black, gold & studs. I la la love them all.

4.Lo'real Colour Riche Lip Balm
This is my one and only lip product lately. I wear it EVERYday. No matter if I actually get ready, or I just want a touch of color, And, they smell soooo so so good.

5.Daisy; Eau so fresh, by Marc Jacobs
This will forever be my favorite perfume. It smells so delightful. 

6. Peter Pan collars & comfy Sweaters
All of the school shopping I've done so far, has been revolved around these two. Expect to see me wearing this combo often.

7.White All-Stars
Just bought a pair of these for back to school. They are so classic, and go with anything. Throw a pair of these babies on, and you are good to go.

I love satchels. Ones with long straps, ones with short straps, blue ones, pink ones, green ones, you name one, chances are I love it.

9. Neutral nail polish
I'm a sucker for neutral colors. 98.3% of the time, this is the color you will find one my nails.

10. Cozy long socks
I love them. Hello fall essential. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Awkward Girls

This is my favorite local fashion blog. 
These girls are so adorable. I love their style & it doesn't hurt that they are both babes. 

They are having an AMAZING giveaway week and today they are giving away $50 dollars to Madewell which is HUGE. 
Feel free to check out and follow their blog. 

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIY -headwrap

This is quite honestly one of the easiest projects ever done.

FIRST. i took an old crop top of mine, and cut the sleeves off

 did some folding....

 Sewed the ends together...
 added a piece of lace on the ends accordingly to how big i wanted to headband....
 and VIOLA! the easiest, cheapest, and cutest headwrap in town.