Tuesday, April 26, 2011

everything you could imagine.

this is sunday and mondeeee.
i am trying to get over a lot of things today,
like, the fact that it snowed?
and that mr. draper really is insane,
and that my hair was a hotttt mess,
and i had to go to the dentist, noooo  sir.
Also, it was an A day,
and i was just feeling down untillllll

I found out that it was one miss kelsey waters birthday,
and i attended taco tuesday with mardi thomas, max atwooood, and lauren davis.
I had a great chat with grandfather, and he made me laugh uncontrolably,
i came home, was cleaning my room, and found these beauties behind my dresser,

who knows when they were purchased, but hey! i like em'.

                                                            oh and who is officially going to morp with MLA?
                                                                       that would be me, RTF.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

sprang breaaaak.

can i just say, that this spring break was mighty fine.

 ahahah. oh dells.
 too hot to trot? hah.
 today was superb to say the least.
oh and p.s.
i found this oldie picture of my dear grandpa, and i'm in loooove.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


i have always thought how overated St. George was, but thinking about it, the sun does sound veryyyy nice right about now. That is why i am venturing out tomorrow with my girl Elle, and spending the weekend in this lovely place, in hopes that i will come back with not pasty white skin.
that is alllllllll (:

ahhh how i am waiting for 72 degree weather bliss.