Thursday, March 29, 2012

i love this. talk about picture perfect.

here goes.

this week is elections week at PGHS. 
my very best friend Max Atwood is running for president.
I have been doing all i can to help him out, because lets be honest.
i want this just about as bad as he does.
Tomorrow we hear the verdict. at 10:30 AT NIGHT.
can i just tell you that i cannnnnot wait that long?

I never really knew what it felt like to have your whole heart dedicated to something until now.
and can a i just tell you a little something? 
he would be a PHENOMENAL president. i couldn't pick anyone better myself.

so vote for Max, because he deserves it. 

and lets be honest.
How can you say no to this face?
 seriously though.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

i don't think i have ever truly felt it until today. 

go here,
and vote Max Atwood president for 2012-2013.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

whatever the heck this is called.

i was tagged by Mallory over at Just Kitten,
love that girl.
anyshoe, here goes.

11 things about me;
1. I am a worry wart. I worry way too often about things that I shouldn't, and I mean WAY too often.
2.I secretly yearn for luscious long hair everyday. 
3.I'm not sporty whatsoever. Never have been probably never will be.
4. Hi, my name is Robyn and I'm a shopaholic.
5. I have thee strangest taste in music and am often made fun of for it.
6.I feel as if hand holding is an utmost privilege, I mean come on, your fingers are literally intertwined. 
7.When I write, it is all capitols. Except for the i's. it is too time consuming to double cross.
8. I insist on marrying someone ridiculously tall. That way i can wear heels and not feel like a fool.
9. I looove painting & having painted nails but i am way too inconsistent to leave them alone once i have.
10. i'm still VL, what can i say?
11. I am almost positive i am meant to live by the beach. 

1. what band/s did you grow up on?
The B52's, without a doubt. 
2. name three things that would be in your worst nightmare.
Seaworld, Heights, and being left alone forever.
3. if your wedding was tomorrow, what would it be like?
Most likely during on of the fall months, robin's egg blue & simplistic.
4. what is your favorite band, album, song?
way too hard to choose, but i can tell you my favorite song as of late, Roll Away Your Stone - Mumford and Sons. Have you ever listened to that song from start to finish? It is incredible.
5. kiss, date, dump: jake gyllenhaal, channing tatum, jude law. choose wisely.
This is an easy one, Dump: Jake Gyllenhaal, i've never really have a thing for him. Kiss: Channing Tatum. Who wouldn't want to kiss that face? Date: Jude Law, i'm a sucker for Brits. and for other obvious reasons.Ladies, chivalry is still alive. It lives in the UK
6. what are your two favorite names for a boy and a girl?
Ruby & Winston, it wouldn't hurt a bit either if they were a set of twins.
7. if you had unlimited money, where would you travel in the world?
I would to London first, and then around the rest of Europe.
8. what is the funniest video you have seen on youtube?
Probably this,
or this, only because she is adorable and i find myself saying no no no all the time now.

9. describe your ideal MAN.
If anything appearance wise matters, it is a man with good taste. if he dresses well, my heart is won over. Dark hair, green or blue eyes, somewhere in the range of 6ft tall, has the utmost respect for me, he is funny & outgoing because i am the opposite, he is not selfish & he loves me for who i am. 
10. what is your fashion weakness? (i.e. you love shoes)
Stripes. It's not like i want it to be this either, I am just drawn to them subconsciously.
11. give us a favorite quote.
" you can''t keep waiting for the day when your life falls into place, you have to take matters into your own hands or you will be waiting an awfully long time"- Marjorie Pay Hinckley 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

this is childish.

but i know i am not the only one that feels like megan abel uses idea's or song or posts that someone else might have had also,
and then later thinks we have "copied" her.

this was my favorite song weeks ago.
and i know just because she posted it now everyone will love it.
just so you know. i'm claiming it.
which i am admitting, is childish. but whatever.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

when dreams come true.

if my life was a dream come true,
i would be walking down the beach right now, holding some handsome lads hand, 
he is tall dark & handsome. because i enjoy cliche.
since my life is a dream, there would also be music playing in the background.

the song would be;
For Emma - Bon Iver

maybe some day my dream really will come true. 


Thursday, March 15, 2012


sometimes when i run, i think. 
but today it was more of a "convince myself to stop worrying" conversation.
my life is good.
scratch that. my life is great.
when i want just what i cant have, 
but then i remind myself that there is life beyond high school.
there are other people in the world.
this is merely the beginning. 
there is so much more to come. 
that by the way, i cannot wait for.

but in other news,
spring is essentially here, and what comes after spring? you got it, SUMMER
i won't deny that hot cocoa runs, boots & scarves will be missed,
but at the same time ssssoooooo much more comes with summer.

Lifeguarding, (hopfully)
shaved legs.
seven peaks.
tank tops.
trampoline jumping.
bike rides.
star gazing.
never getting ready or wearing makeup.
hanging out with all of your best friends.
a curfew that will soon be midnight.
fiery red hair.
loooooots of pictures.
lotion. 24/7
& being myself.
all day long.
all thee time.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

i'm feeling a bit like this, now i just have to figure out what it is that i have to do..


i have been loving things lately. 
the weather has been exceptional,
Sweater Swing was seriously, SO fun.
I made the decision to do lifeguard training.. we'll see how that goes.
third term is almost over....
Hello home stretch of the school year!
Although, i really will have the hardest time saying goodbye to all of the seniors.
getting to know each one of them better just makes things harder.
But, life goes on. 
People grow up
& life goes as its supposed to.

oh yes and a happy birthday to my little sister, she is 13 today?
ok. weird.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


the moment when you find out the school you want to go to cost 28,000 dollars a year.
let me just pull that out of my pocket.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012


i have caught a gigantic case of BEACH FEVER.
there is nothing more i would like right now then to be sitting on the beach.
the last time i was there, was over a year ago.
I am itching to get to the beach.

 The last time i was at the beach;
It was so gorgeous. The salty water, warm sand & beautiful sunsets.

When all else fails;

listen to Lana Del Rey.
organize something. closet, sock drawer, bathroom--- it always does the trick.
wear leggings for pants.
take the ACT. 
hahahahha that^ was a joke.
eat costa vida with the very best of friends.
laugh for days.
drink chamomile tea.
unwillingly watch the bachelor.
take multiple naps.
wear lipstick.
wear your scarf like a bow tie.
listen to The Shins. uhhhh yes.
video tape your old folks for a project.
dance alone in your room.
take a bike ride. gorgeous weather. obviously.
try your hardest to find a NEW sweater swing group., heavens. Dances are not my thing.

thats all.


This is so not me.

I'm a little obsessed with this song, i know i know. 
but i can't help it. such a cute little song.
it's just a faze, promise.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

no worries.

no need to fret, i have spoken with my first choice of date, & things went well.
I have since asked someone new & pretty happy about things.
one week from today all of the lucky 13 couples will be out doing something very fun.
i cant wait!