Monday, July 30, 2012

acclamations à un nouveau départ

after a refreshing break & a much needed makeover, i'm back to the blogger life. 
a blog is somewhere you can go to say whatever you'd like and share your life with others, but i just wasn't feeling that for a while. but now, i am ready to start sharing what i love again.

When i first started this blog, it was all directed towards fashion, and quickly went off course, but now i want to get back into that and start using this blog as a window into the future i am hoping for.
Of course i will still post about non-fashion related topics, but my posts will be more meaningful and useful. 
I hope you enjoy, I know I will. 

ALSO, my biggest thanks to sydnee for redesigning my blog and making it look fabulous. 
she deserves a round of applause

cheers to a new beginning,