Friday, September 28, 2012

This school year has been good to me.

Senior year so far has honestly been the best school year yet.
I have an internship at the boutique "Bags That Fit" in AF, and i love it so much. I work with the cutest ladies on the planet and it is such a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and prepare me for my upcoming future. 
I took AP English on a whim. I won't lie, its a challenge, but it has been so good for me. I have read more books in these past two weeks than I have the whole summer. Plus, i got a 92 on our first paper, i'm feelin pretty proud.
Radio 2 has been so much fun. KPGR, Me+Abby Erekson every Monday at 5.00pm. Being on the radio really is a great experience. I love every person in that class and it's always a hoot. 
I hate math, but i do love my math class. I have it with the best people. The people I've become friends with are worth getting a 65% on the first test. :(
Me and Max t.a. for the counselling office second period, and it is the funniest thing I've ever experienced.  We honestly do the weirdest things while we're wondering the halls. We also hate delivering notes to room 138 & 156 (max, hbh)

I also feel like I've had the chance to get to know a lot of people better. Which is so good. My grades are the best they've ever been. School isn't a terrible institution that i dread going to anymore. I'm enjoying every part of life. 


p.s., i'm going to the X96 concert tomorrow. SO EXCITED.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

i'm not going to homecoming,

But if i was,
i like to think that my outfit would look a little like this...


Homecoming by robynfitts featuring ilia

and not to mention my date who would happen to be a TOTAL fox.
(a shirtless fox)

cheers to the freakin weekin. 


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I've decided;

That one career that i would excel at would be choosing music for movies. I already do it in my head. Why not make money doing it?
I spend more time in a day listening to music than I do sleeping. 
That i'm OCD about shoes/clothes. Does anyone else ever feel bad if they don't wear something for a while? I think somethings wrong with me.
One of my new favorite bands is Beach House. 
I like my room best when it is filled with the scent of 'Fresh Linens'
That the month of October is the most anticipated event of my year.
That during the fall I would be content spending 100% of my time outside.
Having a stuffy nose is worse than having the flu.
Polka dots are my all time favorite.... -for the moment.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


one of the many reasons that Tom Hanks is completely lovable.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Clean slates & Fresh starts

This new school year has been very eyeopening to me. 
It's hard for me to believe that my mind could be changed in the short amount of time I have spent being a senior. I realize how much I have to be grateful for, and I know that I have irreplaceable friends & family.
There is more to the world then just Pleasant Grove Utah. There are so many more people to meet, and places to go, I have sworn to myself to enjoy each day, each person, and to step out of my comfort zone. Whether it's a baby step, or a hop skip and a jump. Now is the time to live my life to the fullest.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The first of September

The clothes

The weather

The feelings

The drives